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Overview of Bangladesh, India Essay

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In 1971 Bangladesh gained its independence. Their population is 144,319,628. Dhake is the capital of Bangladesh its nicknames are City of Mosques also Rickshaw Capital of the world. Current events In Bangladesh are they had 112 employees killed in a factory from a fire. The alarm sounded and the people tried to exit but they were told it was a fake alarm and so they all died. In the end of the fire a total of 1,130 people dead. Five different clothing brands and retailers made donations to the company and the families killed in the building. The Supreme Court is still upholding the death sentence of the person who caused the fire as a crime against humanity. Over 100,000 people are involved in narcotics trafficking in Bangladesh where they traded illegal drugs to other places. They are ranked number one for software piracy meaning they distribute work someone else does and did not have permission for so they can get it for free.
Economy is constantly growing. It has grown 6-7% in the past few years. The biggest amount of trading sources is the exports of textiles and other garments exchanged with foreign countries. They also trade leather, software, IT services and food. They nationalize their economy with socialist economy. Their economy was low because of the inexperienced and not paid enough. All they had was natural gas, they didn’t have all the resources they needed to extremely benefit and have a good economy. Also after the war they had the problem of exporting the goods. To export the goods they had to send them out on roads or railroads but since the war most of it was destroyed.
The borders of modern Bangladesh were established with the partition of Bengal and India in August 1947. Bangladesh is home to 38 differe...

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...on is the worlds highest kids disease in Bangladesh. Low birth rate is another problem in Bangladesh most of the kids are born with low birth rate, which they end up having diabetes. The poorest families that have diseases are the poorer families that can’t afford to have it treated. Their education center has three levels in Bangladesh they have a General, madrasah, and technical levels of education systems. Since they speak English and Bangla they can pick the language they want to learn it in. Education systems of Bangladesh Cadet colleges are very important. The cadet college is like a room and board collegiate administered by Bangladesh. At cadet colleges military discipline is required to have. In Bangladesh they have to complete all of the classes in the General Education System. Some families will take in some homeless kids to provide them with an education

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