Overpopulation Is Becoming A Significant Problem Essay

Overpopulation Is Becoming A Significant Problem Essay

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The early years of the 14th century was a period of growth and prosperity. Peasants were given more freedom, merchants were engaged in a variety of trades and materials, and the nobles were flourishing. However, overpopulation was becoming a significant problem. Extreme changes in the weather and epizootics decimated the crops and livestock in Eurasia resulting a severe economic crisis and a high demand for food. Because of this, people grew hungry and tried multiple ways to fight off starvation. They ate the seeds they will need during the growing seasons, and some worked harder to earn more money since prices for food soared. Given the results of starvation were disastrous, some even resorted to cannibalism. Moreover, medieval warfare and political disagreements were a common occurrence which resulted the death of millions.
Several years later, the Yersinia pestis bacterium came contact with the majority of people. The disease spread rapidly across Eurasia through trade routes and overcrowding in cities. Due to lack of sanitation, the streets became filthy; therefore, it attracted a number of disease-carrying rats. People became sick while giving them a mortality rate of a hundred percent and multiple other famines occurred. As a result, people fled the huge cities and moved to small villages spreading the disease even further. To make matters worse, the disease did not choose its victims because both people from the lower and upper-class were killed. From their point of view, it was the apocalypse.
These series of unfortunate events were later known as The Great Famine and The Black Plague. Both were one of the early crisis that the Late Middle Ages faced which consequently ended the period of what would have been an early i...

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...the plague arrived. It was a world about nobles, landlords, and kings staying in power whilst no signs of hope for their lower-class counterpart. It will only take a disease to tell a story about people realizing how wars, power, and cruelness can make all the difference. Even though the peasants were powerless, they were intelligent. They realized that the government, the Church, and the ongoing wars have a permanent and catastrophic effect on them. They were aware that the pacifists die young, and by doing legal action will change the world’s broken way of handling humanity. The Black Plague might have been one of the most cataclysmic events of the Dark Ages but it was one of the few frameworks in bringing an age of Enlightenment. It is the perfect representation of the moral dichotomy of good versus evil. A classic tragedy story of how peasants changed the future.

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