Overmedicating Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or Bipolar Disorder

Overmedicating Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or Bipolar Disorder

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Medicating our children for problems such as; Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, bipolar disorder, or autism seems to be a new trend. Unfortunately, these medications have very dangerous side-effects especially in sensitive children like those in foster care. Healthy alternatives are often overlooked for a quick fix pill. Do parents even know what these medications do? Do they know what these medications were originally for?
Most medications used for the disorders mentioned earlier were supposed to be used for adults with schizophrenia (source #2). Antipsychotics tend to be the most powerful and toxic drugs (source #2) and people give them to their children. These medications hardly seem fit for an adult, let alone the young people in America. It looks as though parents want to drug their children until they are who the parents want to see. There is a 53% increase in people ages 4 – 17 being diagnosed with ADHD (source #4) in the past decade alone. This makes it look like there is not a rise in children with ADHD, but a rise in people looking for any excuse to put kids on drugs in order to calm their child. There is no way it is possible that there is 1 in 5 high school boys who have ADHD, that number is unfathomable (source #4). Medicines used to solve these problems are often very addictive and can cause withdrawals, showing that this is simply not a normal cure but an addictive drug.
When parents and doctors put children on dangerous medications like Adderall, Dexedrine, and Ritalin, they seem to overlook the dangers and consequences that come with taking antidepressants and stimulants. Children can often end up suffering from a more severe sickness than when they started when they began the treatments (Overmedicating C...

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...py helps calm a child (Health Officials: Antipsychotic…), that seems a little obvious but often overlooked.
At this point drugs should be a last resort because of all the problems that can arise. If there are other options out there why would a person choose to have problems in a child’s mental and physical health? Stop drugging your children and be a parent. If your 4 year old is being disruptive and loud, they don’t have a mental disorder, they are being kids. Grow up and deal with your children, America.

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