The Overlooked Rights of Men in Abortion Essay

The Overlooked Rights of Men in Abortion Essay

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Abortion is a controversial topic regarding the rights mainly of the fetus and the mother. Men’s rights and involvement are generally overlooked in the abortion process. Since females are the carriers of the embryo, most of the time male’s decisions are not incorporated into the final conclusion. There are several debates regarding abortion and whose choice it should be to decide in terminating the fetus. Every father has different outcomes in a pregnancy and how much their decision should be included in the abortion depends solely on their involvement in the mother’s life. When the female deliberately engages in sexual intercourse, it becomes her responsibility to carry the embryo to term and to allow the fetus to have a right to her body. If the mother is left by the partner or her autonomy has been violated, she has the right to only consider her input in the abortion decision. Whereas, if the partner stayed to support the mother and raise the offspring, the father’s choice should be considered. Many couples going through this procedure have different suggestions on whether or not the operation should be performed. When the father and mother of the embryo have different views on the procedure, they have to acquire appropriate communication skills to come to an agreement. The male may continue to have thoughts of birthing the child while the mother may want to continue pushing for an abortion. The mother’s decision should not have more superiority when considering the option of abortion. Fathers have a right to participate in the abortion decision and their opinions about the procedure should carry as much weight as the mothers.
Women have the right to issue an abortion in cases that the biological father of the fetus has forced...

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