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Overhaul Of The Common Core Essay

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Overhaul of The Common Core
In 2009, a group known as Governors Association, convened to work on developing the Common Core. As of July of 2010, 42 states including North Carolina adopted the Common Core, and since then there has been quite a stir about if it is good, or is it bad for our education system. The Common Core Standards are vague and broad. The standards are not particularly specific although you can expect more clarification in this area as the assessments are completed. According to Stan Karp, the editor of Rethinkingschools.org, “The problem is that, in some states, Common Core testing has been implemented before teachers, or the public for that matter, have been instructed in how to teach students using the new standards” (Karp). This means that, when students score poorly on the more rigorous Common Core-based tests, it threatens to cause a backlash among parents, who increasingly see testing as the problem, not the solution.
The Obama administration has called for federal Title I aid (federal funding) to be withheld from states that do not adopt these standards. To date, 48 states are at least tentatively
Participating in the Common Core standards. According to the administration, Common Core standards are necessary for national economic competitiveness in a global economy. However, Critics of common standards tend to focus on two types of objections. The most common objections are the high stakes standards in general. Core standards whether they originate at the state level or the national worry that standardization diminishes schooling at the rich variety of experiences and higher order thinking still found in many classrooms. They caution against locking children into a one size fits all model ...

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...easure your children’s character, interest, friendship, wisdom, or creativity. The common core cannot predict your children’s future either. Instead, look for their strength, support their interest, and help them explore and experiment. Don’t judge teachers by their students’ scores. Test scores are a poor measure of a child’s quality and an even worse measure of the quality of teaching. Moreover students’ performance on tests is the result of many factors, many of which are beyond the control the teacher. Thus it is not only unfair to judge a teacher based on test scores. The idea of the Common Core really is not a bad one, however, it needs a overhaul. Some things need to be omitted, others just need to be reevaluated. How this can be achieved is to allow teachers, educators to be the ones to go over the standards, let the professionals fix what needs to be fixed.

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