Overcrowding During Prisons : Boon Or A Curse Essay

Overcrowding During Prisons : Boon Or A Curse Essay

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Overcrowding In Prisons
Boon Or A Curse


I begin by presenting a brief description of the historical circumstances, which gave rise to the overcrowding of prison in and all around the world. Next follows conceptual analysis of the causes of these historical circumstances and than we will be paying close attention to the consequences and solutions of the over population of the prisons.
The increasing uncontrolled growth of prisons by the prisoners has received a huge amount of attention by the scholars. The research findings studying and overlooking of the imprisonment policies had mainly had their focus on prison construction. The studies that are presently going on is on focusing the various laws (Schoon & Guetzkow, 2015).
Recently many countries of the world are experiencing financial problems and strains due to rising incarceration of culprits and resulting in overcrowded prison, this whole situation is quite under criticism all around the world. Therefore, many of the countries are already in the procedure of fighting against this increasing over population of prisons (Fienstien & Kendrick, 2011).
Further to follow are, various causes that have given rise to this situation and will be reviewed thoroughly, and also on there effects and various solutions and policies taken up to fight against this overcrowding.


Starting with one of the chief causes that leads to the present day circumstances of the prison is the lack of knowledge and lack of seriousness about the reality by the political identities in the past is considered as prominent cause of over crowding in prisons now a days. Politicians of the past were kind of selfish; they do not want to live in present and never thought of the future. In and aro...

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