Overcoming Poverty Through Enlightenment Essay example

Overcoming Poverty Through Enlightenment Essay example

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Part One: Song Lyric, “Wavin’ Flag”, K’NAAN
Part Two: Essay, “What is Poverty?’ by Theodore Dalrymple
Part Three: Documentary, “Solar Mamas” directed by J.Noujaim & M.Eldaief
Part Four: Critical Analysis

In the media form of a song, “Wavin’ Flag” by K’naan, an essay, “What is Poverty?” by Theodore Dalrymple and the documentary, Solar Mamas, directed by J.Noujaim & M.Eldaief the unifying message that is relevant through all these pieces of work is that in order to overcome poverty individuals must experience enlightenment. This essay will explore this topic in great detail.

Part One: Song Lyric, “Wavin’ Flag”, K’NAAN
In the song Wavin’ Flag by K’naan the message that is conveyed through the lyrics is despite what hardships an individual has faced they have the ability to overcome their struggle. The author of the song, K’naan comes from a war-torn country, Somalia where a civil war has displaced his family from their home. K’naan wrote of a struggling group who faces oppression and exploitation. Through the lyrics one can see the exploitation of the individuals, “But look how they treat us, make us believers/we fight their battles, then they deceive us.”(K’naan) Marxist theory can be applied to these lyrics, as the proletariat are being exploited by the bourgeoisie as a method of profit through their labour. The people are commoditized and are treated as such, they are considered expendable so the bourgeoisie do not care for their well-being. The use of allusion is evident in the lyrics, as it refers to the Somali civil war, where the people are used to fight a war through the promise of freedom, peace, and independence. Although the proletariat has become aware of their struggle,...

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...s her home and that she has to take care of her children. She later reveals that she was embarrassed to tell him the truth, and the real reason for her return was that her husband threatened to divorce her and take her children away if she did not return home. The film allows the audience to see through the perspective of the women and they are able to better understand the truth because of the different perspectives it use in comparison to the single perspective in a song or essay.

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