Overcoming Challenges Of Overcoming Personal Issues Essay

Overcoming Challenges Of Overcoming Personal Issues Essay

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Normally, everyone has at least one obstacle to his or her education. Even the smartest person in the school will find something difficult to achieve. The obstacle does not have to be about their grade in the class. Perhaps it could be a financial problem, family or friends holding you back, or not connecting with the teacher. Obstacles do not have to hold you back and keep you from reaching your goals. You can take obstacles you are facing and try as hard as you can to overcome them. Several students have trouble in their academic lives, but they find a way to overcome them. They come out on top and do not let anything stand in their way. Knowing this, I will not let my obstacles keep me from becoming a better student. Obstacles to my education include overcoming personal issues in my life, adapting to different teaching styles, and developing an attitude of persistence.
One of the obstacles to my education is overcoming personal issues in my life. The personal issues I face are losing my grandfather and conflicts within my family. When I was 13 years old, I lost my grandfather to cancer. My grandfather and I were very close and we did a lot together. He taught me several important facts of life, including math. I remember coming home from school and going directly to him for help with my difficult math homework. I understood the way he taught me how to do the problems. Now, I wish I could go to him for advice, not only in math, but advice for life in general. This is an obstacle to my education because I often become sad and lonely when I think about how much I miss him and wish he were here with me. I know he would want me to focus on my education and not dwell on missing him, but there will never be a day...

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...t is due in one week, I want to work on it a little each night and not wait until the night before to start it. Not waiting until the night before the assignment is due will affect my grades as well. Taking my time and fully grasping the information will help me receive a better grade on the assignment.
I have been thoughtfully considering all of the obstacles to my education and I fully believe I can turn these obstacles into advantages. I will not let my family hold me back, I will talk to my teachers about my learning style, and try to come up with a plan as to how to fully understand and grasp the material. I will do each assignment when it is assigned to avoid confusion and I will do each assignment better. The obstacles to my education have slowed me down in the past, but I am prepared to take control of my education and reach all of my current goals.

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