Overcoming Barriers And Effecting Change Essay

Overcoming Barriers And Effecting Change Essay

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Our change situation will be replacing workers by increasing machines and bringing out new technology. As these days it was very difficult to hire the employees with professional skills, they made some changes in the workplace. As the manpower will also take on a major part in increasing production by operating machines, they have broken in that experiment. In this difficult business environment, leaders should be able to discharge their functions in such a way that they provide the proper guidance to fill in their goals. To treat this kind of situations, these are the most important things we should look at. (James.k, 1967)
Communication –when we are shifting the workplace environment the leader should be capable of managing all the staff and stakeholders as well as customers. He should be able to substitute the information within the system. To suit a successful leader, she should be able to communicate in different styles as if he should be able to manage the new guests who were connected with them. He should be reliable and comely to the system and should manage the position in a proper manner. By introducing new technology, he should be able to win over the customers and all other departments as well, and then he needs a better communication to overcome that situation. As his role includes communicating to the employees and get them work accordingly and he should be organizing the tasks to the specific departments to see the ends (pollitt, 12 june, 2009) (James.k, 1967)
Strategic thinking –it is most important aspect of a leader to reach decisions by thinking intellectually. Leaders have to think and prepare determinations in all aspects such as management, employees, stakeholders an...

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... that these leaders should need to appreciate the present-day nation of the constitution and the minimum of changed. Then he needs to engender the strong reinforcement from the stakeholders and shareholders.
Refreeze: At this occasion, the leader has to anchor changes directly establish to the civilization. He should distinguish what sort of obstacles which prevent the changes. Identify the source of those obstacles and eliminate them. He should make the new change to confirm with strong leadership support.
Transition: In this season leader should have to reap the benefits while failing to be doable and explain how the changes affect from others. Prepare and empower the employee to acknowledge the change. Take decision with the complications immediately and Answer the questions responsively, it should encompass to require the people in that process. (Elias.s, 2009)

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