The Overall Value of Superstitions Essay

The Overall Value of Superstitions Essay

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Superstitious stories are harmful to our everyday lives because the spread ominous myths that were told by families and friends that causes us to think differently in fear. Superstitions can affect us terribly in many ways because they can make us frightened of what we want to commit on what activities we would want to do in our everyday lives. If you’re gullible, you’ll likely encounter terrifying supernatural beings that can possibly ruin your life; therefore, superstitious can be very harmful if not taken care of because it can make you experience paranoia. Superstitious is harmful to our lives because it causes more negatives side effects than positives because it makes us to think that bad luck does exist the way we just make occur it.

When it comes to superstitions event, such as Friday the Thirteenth, many superstitious believers I know say that the day will bring them bad luck and the funny thing is, they intentionally cause the bad luck for themselves. Superstition are excessively credulous belief in and reverence for supernatural beings.( In the “legend of The Sleepy Hollow”, a guy named Ichabod Crane lived in little town called Sleepy Hollow, while he was a town teacher and choirmaster. One day Ichabod finds that the richest guy in town who has an only daughter that was very good looking and tries to make her fall in love with him. The girl was Katrina. An other guy named Brom wanted to revenge Ichabod for taking Katrina away from him. One amazing day, Ichabod was invited by Katrina to her party and after the party ended, he got rejected by Katrina. Ichabod then started walking home, on the way home, he was hearing strange noises that he believed to be the Headless Hors...

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...e day known as karma.

I believe there are many superstition stories passed on because our ancestors had experience them but had no idea what has happened to them. Same for supernatural anyone can believe in what they want but it’ll still affect their lives because they’re still at the mystery zone where they can’t identify unless they typically interfere physically or verbally with the supernatural. The overall value of superstition is that believing too much will cause to get closer to supernatural because your brain can see anything and anytime being. I learned superstitious can harm you because it can lead you to the unwanted path that will keep you scared for life. Superstitious beliefs are not always harmful, but most of time they are because they may lead to scarcity where people start forget what happens in the real world.

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