Overall Organization Of The System Of Higher Education Essay examples

Overall Organization Of The System Of Higher Education Essay examples

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Summary of Overall Organization of the System of Higher Education
In Argentina, the educational system is made up of state-managed, privately-managed, cooperatively-managed and socially-managed educational services. Education is mandatory from five years of age until the end of secondary school. The educational system is made up of four levels, which include initial, primary, secondary, and higher education.
Initial education takes place from as early as forty-five days to five years of age with the last year being mandatory. Primary education picks up at age six and is made up of 6 or 7 years of education, depending on the district. Following this level is secondary education which is made up of 5 or 6 years, depending again on the district. Lastly, there is Higher Education which includes Universities and University Institutes, and Institutes of Higher Education of national, provincial, or city of Buenos Aires jurisdiction, of state or private management.
Argentine higher education system originally was focused on the teaching of professions offering professional degrees. Today, it is divided in three levels: Tertiary Education level: 1- to 3-years degrees related to education or technical professions like Teachers, Professorship and Technicians. University level: 4- to 6-years for professional education taught at Universities offering many different degrees like, Licentiate, Engineering degree, Medic Title, Attorney Title, Professorships and Translation degrees, etc. Post-graduate level: This is for specialized and research-oriented education level. It is divided in a first sub-level where a Specialist degree can be obtained in a 12–18 months period or Master degree, requiring 24–30 months and an original research work...

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...Provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires are responsible for planning, organizing, supervising and financing the national education system. These bodies must guarantee access to education at all levels and in all modes, creating and administering state-managed educational establishments. In turn, the State creates and finances the National Universities.
State-run higher education institutions are governed by the Consejo Interuniversitario Nacional (C.I.N.) (National InterUniversity Council), whereas those that are private are grouped under the Consejo de Rectores de Universidades Privadas (C.R.U.P.) (Presidents´ Council of Private Universities). Through their Steering Committees, both entities make up the Universities Council, to which the Department of Education, Science and Technology turns to in order to address some affairs regarding university policies.

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