Essay on Over Spending On Unneeded Things

Essay on Over Spending On Unneeded Things

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Over Spending on Unneeded Things
The Greek philosopher, Socrates, once pondered, “How many things are there which I don’t want.” It is a well considered quote in today’s society which shows, people try to satisfy themselves by having all the things in their life. This raises a current debate on consumerism. Consumerism is defined as the acquisition of goods beyond your needs. As in the article, “Spent: America After Consumerism,” written by Amitai Etzoini, illustrates about consumerism has become a social disease in today’s society. The author explains the difference between consumerism and capitalism by mentioning that people are obsessed with over consuming their higher needs which is creating an economic crisis. The author further argues that the cause of this problem might be the habitual consumerism of people, but technology, development of industrialization has played an important role as well. For this reason, the author mentions that this social diagnosis should be replaced by communitarianism and transcendental pursuits.
In observing society nowadays, people want to have the best things around them, whether it is profit in businesses, luxurious homes, cars, phones, or good food. A current example can be of modern gadgets. Every year new technology is launched, and people try to buy it, even if they do not have enough money. Correspondingly, I believe that consumerism has become a social disease, which has led to a culture in which citizens would do anything to over consume.
Consumerism has become a social disease as it causes people to spend their money on unneeded goods. Nowadays because of modern technology and development of industrialization, there is more production and variety of goods. This causes people...

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...ritten in the article, “ Studies also indicate that many members of capitalist societies feel unsatisfied, if not outright deprived, however, much they earn and consume because others make and spend even more, which is why consumerism is effecting our society (Etzioni 22).
In conclusion, consumerism is a critical problem to think about, it has become a social disease as it costs money to be spent on unneeded goods, it raises social issues in the society and it affects our relationships. By consumerism, people are running never ending race of acquiring needless goods. But the point is that in this twentieth century due to an immense development and the way of our lives, we cannot deny that a few things have become the basic necessities of our lives. So, will there be an end to this, where would draw a line to separate these basic needs from materialistic ones?

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