Essay about Ovarian Cancer And The Female Reproductive System

Essay about Ovarian Cancer And The Female Reproductive System

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Whenever you hear the word cancer, it deviates apart of you that shows deep emotion knowing there will be manifolds of sufferings to come. With many different types of cancer that people experience, I learned that “Ovarian Cancer is the eighth most common cancer and the fifth leading cause of cancer death” (Office on Women 's Health, 2015). Indeed, this disease has took a toll upon many female lives including the famous Kathy Bates, but there is hope, hope to be free. People should understand that our lives are precious, and to be exposed with this type of disease, there are many aspects and important decisions to make of what we can do to fight it.
First, we should know that ovarian cancer works in the female reproductive system, it introduces itself from the female ovaries before it starts to work its way in spreading throughout the body. In fact, on the Cancer Center website, it stated how there are 30 different types of ovarian cancers, but they are all categorized into three groups, which comes from the following; epithelial, germ cell, or sex cord type (Cancer Treatment Centers of America, n.d.). However, it is real sad that most female patients don’t expect to be diagnosed with Ovarian cancer until the cancer has grown to an advanced stage, where then symptoms will start to show. The strongest risk factor in having this sickness would commonly be through genetics in having a family history of ovarian cancer. Symptoms may include; bloating within the abdominal area, having a loss of appetite, pressure within the pelvis and lower back, urinating often, feeling tired, etc. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2015). Once the cancer starts to spread, it continues to damage organs within the body in disabling its ...

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...ent’s feelings especially going through a difficult time in fighting for her life. Truly, going through scientifically studied treatments are certainly painful, but with the love that the patient endures during this trying time, it is greatly appreciated in keeping the mind and soul of the patient in a good state to fight hard.
Assuredly, Ovarian Cancer is a cause of many downfalls in ruining innocent people’s futures that are washed away in an instant. In all honesty, no one is ever alone in going through this process in killing the cancer. Just like Kathy Bates, she stayed strong in going through treatments with the great love and support from her doctors, nurses and cherishing friends. In the end, for those who are diagnosed, continue to fight just like those who fought in the past, for we are all not losers but a winner at heart, foot printing a legacy of hope.

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