Outsourcings Effect on America Essay

Outsourcings Effect on America Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze and come up with a reasonable conclusion on the effects of outsourcing in America. From overworking, to a decline in the manufacturing sector, a high wealth gap, and finally the contribution of corporate lobbying are prime examples of the by-product that were created by outsourcing. Although free trade is the root of the problem, outsourcing is the most prevalent issue that it has created. Since free trade is now a standard and cannot be eliminated we will look into how outsourcing, since it can still be controlled, has affected America.
First we will look at closely the statistics for outsourcing. According to Lori G. Kletzer statistics, 7.1 million jobs have been displaced since 1979. This is an astonishing high number. To put it in perspective, these are not 7.1 million jobs that ceased to exist, these are 7.1 million jobs moved outside of the U.S. to cut costs and underpay their overseas worker that are not coming back. One might also say that those numbers look relatively normal when you consider that it took 32 years for 7.1 million jobs to be displaced overseas. Looking more closely and more detailed into the numbers. According to a survey of top companies by Wall Street Journal, The last decade saw them eliminate 3 million jobs in the U.S and outsource 2.3 Million. About one-third of the outsourcing happened in the last decade. This is a very small survey of course and for an even more comprehensive and thorough survey of every company would take a considerable amount of time. With this in mind we can safely assume that the numbers are much larger, perhaps closer to half. For a look into a specific example Zaid Jilani says about Cisco, “Cisco Systems, which had 26 percent of its w...

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