Essay on Outside and In

Essay on Outside and In

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The scream of the engine gradually became the screaming of the neighbors. The clanging of the metal walls soon became the sound the gunfire.

Under the shadows of an overgrown tree, Jun an elderly man, in his late 70’s, tried to recall the events that shaped his life. But, maybe because he had tried so hard to forget, he could remember just one moment

1950, October 24th autumn, Northern Korea

Jun woke up to see a mountain load of suitcases pile against the wall next to the weak and fragile sliding door. Confused, Jun walked over to his mother who was frantically walking around the small living room in circles. “The communist raid is coming…… We must leave to receive help, I am just waiting for you sister to arrive” Jun shocked to hear this news, ran to the front door and threw it open, as the glass on Jun’s brothers picture shattered, with an earthquake like shake, a monstrous cloud of pitch black smoke rose above from behind the mountain, which was just a few kilometers away. It was then that Jun spotted a wooden carriage racing down the road. Feeling relief he ran to the ...

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