Outrage of Student Rape: Cherice Moralez´s Rape Essay

Outrage of Student Rape: Cherice Moralez´s Rape Essay

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The year was 2007 and the, at the time, fourteen year old Cherice Moralez was under more pressure than the typical teenage girl. Behind closed doors, one of Moralez’s teachers, forty-eight year old Stacey Rambold, was repetitively raping her. Before her confession, Cherice was battling her reluctance to tell authorities about what was happening, fearful of the judgment she might endure from her peers. It took until October 31 of 2008 for Rambold to be arrested. Though many would think Cherice’s troubles would be over and potential victims would be saved, this case proved to be more than controversial. After pleading guilty to only one of three charges of sexual intercourse without consent, Rambold was given the opportunity to have all charges dropped if he attended sex offender treatment. Not only this but Cherice was being shunned by other students at her school. Even though the rape was not “forcible, beat-up rape,” as Judge Baugh phrased it as he defended his undersized ruling on the case, having sex with a child who cannot consent is considered rape (Insert Daily Mail Citation). Under all of these circumstances, why does the government let this happen? Why do some rapists receive minimal punishment as their victims attempt to piece their lives back together while being outcasted from society? Today, rape and sexual assaults are becoming an even bigger issue than ever before. With a 25% increase of reported assaults as of 2008 (Insert HWR Citation), it is estimated that one in four women will be raped at one point in her lifetime (Insert TheHathorLegacy Citation). What is to blame for this alarming epidemic? The United States over its many years seemed to have developed a society based around the rationalization of conventio...

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... are looking this phenomenon and actually interpreting it as a morally problematic issue (Insert Plato Citation). This is because civilization has become so accustomed to it. Modern society will almost never notice this objectification because it is bombarded around them in the media. Sexual objectification now deemed normal because it is used so often in commercials and advertising, magazines, television shows, movies, and video games. It is not uncommon for commercials to use women or close ups of women’s bodies to sell alcohol, cars, food, and everything in between. Sometimes it is difficult to even decipher what they are pitching to the viewers. Through advertising and articles, magazines are being littered with ways for women to look sexier and attract more men, further boxing women into a single category of objects of men’s desires.

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