Output, input, Storage and Speed of the Computer

Output, input, Storage and Speed of the Computer

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Output, input, Storage and Speed of the Computer
Printed questionnaires Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) would be the best choice. Its the ICR technology that allows data capture software to automatically to, read information from all types of documents - even handwritten ones. Telephone survey-voice recognition is best because a voice input device can be programmed to distinguish answers spoken into the receiver allowing it to all be completed by computers. Bank checks- scanning devices that recognizes bar codes are called MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) a magnetic scanning input device. ..Stair and Reynolds(2006).
A MICR input system will magnetize the information at the bottom of the check for simple interpretation. Retail tags- The best data input for retail tags would be a bar code scanner. This is called an optical scanning input device. By using a bar code scanner manual input if numbers into a keypad is not necessary. ... Specific codes apply to certain types of merchandise Long documents- Document scanners with a DMS (Document Management Service) to store data after it has been scanned would be the best choice. Lais Sami, (2002,)...
Computerworld. A handheld computer device for data acquisition is described. The device includes a hardware interface to be connected to a processing device and to an attachable sensor. The device also includes a data module to interact with the sensor and with the processing device and a display module to display data collection results on a display of the processing device. (Freepatentsonline)
The best output for color photograph would be a display monitor and a printer. - The best output for printing a resume would be a laser desktop printer. The reason for this is because most of the time resumes are created at home and printed from there. In addition the laser produces the best quality of document and a resume is an important document. When someone is looking for a job his or her resume is outputted by being printed on a special resume paper and that hard copy is submitted to the potential employer. Many employers have also been accepting resumes through email. The best output for memorandum would be a high volume printer. The reason for this selection is because of its ability to print out many copies. A memorandum usually needs to be passed out to many people in a company and the printer would be able to create these documents quickly.

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Stairs and Reynolds (2006)
Statistical report - A dot matrix printer would be the best output selection for a statistical report. Because statistical reports tend to be long, this printer would do a fine job and will not cost a great deal of money For the annual report the best output for this will also be a high volume printer Different types of storage devices are optimal for different situations. Hard disks have faster data access rate and are of high capacity. They are useful in areas where it’s required to frequently read and write data to a secondary storage device like desktop PC's, Notebooks, palm pilots, servers, UNIX systems. Floppy disk is a removable storage medium. A Standard 3.5 inch floppy disk can store 1.4 MB of data. Floppies have been the most widely used removable storage medium since the mid-to-late 1980s (Stair and Reynolds) (2006) Ram is the primary storage device of a computer.
It’s the working memory of a computer. and a temporary memory which computer uses to store data like Operating system, application programs and data that are in the current use by the processor. The processor can read or write to a (RAM) much faster than any of the secondary storage devices. The more (RAM )a computer has, the more data a computer can manipulate and hence the speed of the computer. Stair and Reynolds(2006) (CD ROM (Compact Disk read-only Memory), a firmware can store and read 5 times the capacity of the floppy. Unlike the data on hard drives and diskettes, data on (CD-ROM's) can only be read. (CD-ROM) are useful where data once written are not altered like digital musical songs, games, system software's. Magnetic Tape is inexpensive and relatively stable secondary storage medium.
Large volumes of information can be stored sequentially by means of magnetized and non-magnetized spots on tape. Tapes can be used as a secondary storage device where large amount of data has to be backed up access is slowely, but usually less expensive. Flash/Jump Drive: a most convenient way to transfer files from one computer to another. Unlike the floppy disk, it can hold much more information, and unlike the 9CD-ROM), its harder to damage. Ram - As a computer processes data and instructions, it temporarily stores information internally, usually on silicon random-access memory, or (RAM), chips--often called semiconductor memory.
Usually mounted on the main circuit board inside the computer or on peripheral cards that plug into the board, each (RAM) chip may consist of as many as 16 million switches, called flip-flop switches that respond to changes in electric current. Each switch can hold one bit of data: high voltage applied to a switch causes it to hold a 1; low voltage causes it to hold a 0. This kind of internal memory is also called read/write memory. Clock Speed: which affects machine cycle time. Stair and Reynolds(2006)
The control unit executes an instruction in accordance with the electronic cycle, or pulses of the CPU “clock.” Each instruction takes at least the same amount of time as the interval between pulses. The shorter the interval between pulses, the faster each instruction can be executed. Clock speed is usually measured megahertz(MHz), or millions of cycles per second Data on hard disk - Computer data is frequently stored on a hard disk. Speed-9ms 100 MB/s 7200 RPM Capacity - 20-160 GB (for a 2001 computer). Data on CD ROM – The CD ROM has a speed of - 80-250 ms 8 MB/s (52 xs) variable Capacity - 700 MB. Data on floppy disk - Speed - Floppy disks are vey slow hard to access than hard disks and have less storage capacity, but they are much less expensive. Capacity - 1.44 MB
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