The Outline Of The 11th Five Year Plan Essay

The Outline Of The 11th Five Year Plan Essay

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There are a lot success stories around the world, numerous of these stories come from developing countries. In China, the outline of 11th Five-year Plan, which is from 2006 to 2010, green sectors were portioned a major share of investment. Renewable energy is one of energetically developed green sector, which help to reach low-carbon strategy. Passed in 2005, China provided many financial incentives, such as national fund. Wind power and solar power became two major advances green energy in renewable energy. For example, from 2005 to 2009, there were more than 100% annual growth rate has been exhibited from wind power (UNEP, 2010). China had performed policies to encourage investors use local wind turbine technology which can also encourage the manufacturing of local wind turbine. The local wind turbine maker, such as Dongfang Electric, Goldwind Science and Sinovel Wind have together accounted for at least half of a market (UNEP, 2010).

Another major renewable energy in China is solar power. China has the most manufacturer, which making solar PV, around the world. In 2009, about half of global solar PV was produced by China. Except this, the largest solar hot water heater market in the world is in China. There are more than 10 percent of Chinese households heat their hot water though sun energy that result in the rapid development of the solar heater, meanwhile, installing solar heater can bring basic economy for both business and households. Personally, I’ve felt many benefits from solar heater. Compare to gas heater and electric water heater, even though, installing solar heater is the most expensive among these three type heater, the lifetime is longer than other two. In addition to this, solar heat cost nothing in fuel f...

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...estments on the green energy and green economy, like the steel mill Tubarão from Arcelor Mittal, who developed a 100% renewable and independent source of energy based on a small hydroelectric plant and a thermoelectric plant that uses the exhaustion gases of the steel mill. The thermoelectric system provided 97.218.990 GJ of energy to the steel mill and 165.564 GJ more where sold in the free market while the hydroelectric system provided 258.726.427 GJ. In 2012 due to the efficiency and energy conservation programs (thermoelectric and investments on new technology) they could achieve a reduction on the emission of CO2 of 26.236 Tons. The steel mill Tubarão saves about 300.000.000,00 dollars per year using this co-generation system instead of buying energy, therefore we can see that this kind of investment is not only good to the environment but to the company as well.

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