Outline Of Implementing My Vision Statement Essay

Outline Of Implementing My Vision Statement Essay

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Plans to Articulate the Vision:
The important part of implementing my vision statement will require that students gain the 21st century skills that they need to compete in college and career settings. Above all, this will means instituting a curriculum that adheres to rigorous standards, and is rooted in STEAM educational principles. Therefore, the first thing that it will require is an expansion of our project and problem based learning opportunities. According to our district data, our students are falling behind in math; for instance only 42.1 % of our students are scoring proficient on the high school math assessment, and with reference to students in grades 3-8 that number averages to 42.7% are proficient when it comes to math assessment. This mean that as a district we must devote more time to providing our students with the skills they need to have hands on opportunities to grow their performance in mathematics. More importantly, to completely achieve my vision it will require that we devote more energy to professional development for our teachers. For instance, we are going to send a group of teachers and curriculum coordinators to the STEAM education institute that will provide them hands on training and professional development. These teachers and curriculum administrators’ will then comeback and help train other teachers and school administrators on the necessary changes that we will need to take to ensure that we are truly providing those 21st century skills.
Following, our institution of a more STEAM focused curriculum. I believe that it will be important to also put a focus toward expanding and growing our Project Lead the Way program; particularly in the realm of biomedical. Florence County is home to two ma...

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...urnished by the district technology department.
Finally, the best way to get my vision fully recognized is going to have to be bring everyone together, and ensuring that I am communicating the collaborative and cooperative goals of the district. Moreover, the vision that I am looking to achieve can only be successful if I get the buy-in from teachers, administrators, parents, and community leaders. This means that I am going to look to provide personal outreach to these groups, and seek their inputs through an 11-person strategic planning committee that will help to oversee implementation of the plans that I laid out for my vision. Overall, the only way that this vision will fully be successful is if we take full use of the research and data of our students, and enable them to utilize the skills proposed to help make our community and world; change for the better.

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