Outline Of A Research On The Height Of Sun Trees That Are Taller Than 1.35 Meters Above The Forest

Outline Of A Research On The Height Of Sun Trees That Are Taller Than 1.35 Meters Above The Forest

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Saplings are young trees that are taller than 1.35 meters above the forest floor and no more than 10.16 centimetres diameter at breast height(1). Saplings are in a stage of growth, which means that different parts of the plants are changing. I am interested in seeing how one particular aspect of growth impacts another.

My purpose is to see if there is a relationship between the height in cm of saplings and the DBH (diameter at breast height) in centimetres of saplings using the data taken from Landcare Research NZ Ltd.

My explanatory is the height in cm and my response is the DBH in cm. I will be using a scatter graph to plot my data.


There is a strong positive linear association that I can see between the height in cm and the dbh of saplings in this data. The variability in data points increases as the values get larger, suggesting that the relationship between the height and dbh of saplings is stronger when the saplings are smaller and weaker as the saplings grow larger. On average, when the height of the sapling increases, the dbh of the saplings will tend to increase as well, but the proportions of how much each measurement increases can vary.

My regression equation is dbh= 0.070203 x height - 3.9176. This tells me that, for every centimeter that the height of the sapling increases there is a tendency for the dbh of the sapling to also increase by 0.07 centimeters.

For my interpolation prediction I have chosen the height value of 350 centimetres because that is the middle value for the saplings from the data set. Using my regression equation, I have come out with a value of 20.65 for my dbh. Therefore, if a sapling were a height of 350 centimetres, it is likely that it would h...

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...ntries in lowland forests, or the same species in other conditions. However, it would probably not be appropriate to use my model to compare height and DBH of trees in a rainforest or jungle because the conditions and the trees are very different.
Overall, I think my data can be applied to populations of saplings, populations in lowland coastal forests and populations which are made up of the same species used in my investigation. I think that my model is unlikely to fit other types of forests.


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