Outline Of A Company Project Management Plan Essay

Outline Of A Company Project Management Plan Essay

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Portfolio Outline - LAMSS Company Project Management Plan
I. Introduction
This document provides the Logistics and Mobility Services Support (LAMSS) Company’s project management strategy to address the ABC Cargo Shipping and Receiving Company’s operational requirements. The purpose of this LAMSS’s project management plan (PMP) is to outline ABC’s operational need or problem, and to define the project’s scope, concept of operations, technical approach, management activities, potential risks, stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities, scheduling, and reporting (CSU-Global, 2016). The LAMSS project will entail assessing logistics support methodologies and technology capabilities that may supplement, and subsequently enhance, ABC’s current operational practices, thus, the project plan will be consistent the project’s scope and requirements (Uppal, 2008). At the conclusion of this project, LAMSS will submit a report to the ABC Company outlining the detailed results of all project activity, based on the project’s requirements, planning, objectives, and funding. The findings, conclusions, and recommendations included in the report will assist ABC’s decision-making with regards to whether there is a need to further develop its current concept of operations and/or to implement new technologies that may improve the company’s current capabilities.
II. Overview
The ABC Cargo Shipping and Receiving Company has expressed that it has a requirement to enhance its current operations, due to its inability to continually maintain visibility of various clients’ cargo during domestic and international transport. In spite of existing tracking technology available on the commercial market, ABC has yet to develop a cargo shipping and receiving proce...

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...ude pretest activity such as a project location site survey, planning meetings, and participants’ training. Furthermore, LAMSS will provide ABC will daily activity reports, a quick review report immediately after the project, and a formal final project report within 15 days of the project closeout date.
VI. Conclusion
ABC lacks a capability to effectively monitor its cargo movement in a dynamic environment. The inability to access, track, retrieve data on the cargo, to include vulnerability status, limits ABC’s capability to support its customers. This project will assess technologies and review operational concepts that may deliver a product, or a combination of products, that may enhance ABC’s operations. A final project report will provided to ABC that will include the project’s assessment methodology, finding, conclusions, and recommendation going forward.

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