OUTLINE Internet Business Essay examples

OUTLINE Internet Business Essay examples

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1. Mind set/goals:

 Destroy limiting beliefs about money:

• Limiting beliefs:
• Belief refreshment:
• Affirmative statement creation:

 Justification:
 Determination:
 Brainstorming:
 Imagination:

2. Setting up a website:

 Set-up goals:

• Why you want a website?
• How the website fits your overall business?
• Online market size:
• Website goals:

 Website strategy development:

• Website target audience:
• Target audience appealing:
• Website for the target audience:
• Performance measurement:
• Benchmark development:
• Website services:
• Website standings:

 Set up implementation:

• Website name:
• Website design:
• Website creation:
• Content creation:
• Website maintenance:

 Ball rolling:

• Web business logo:
• E-commerce components:
• Website hosting:

 Web launching:

• Host provider:
• Well functioning:
• Website testing:

 Web site promotion:

• Website marketing plan:
• Performance tracker:
• Website’s link:
• SEO:
• Other strategies:

 Web maintenance and business growth:

• Business growth ways:
• Web development knowledge:

3. Creating a sales page:

• Domain registration:
• Hosting:
• Linking:
• Configuration:
• Building:
• Sales page designing:

4. Adwords:

• Target customers:
• Advertisement creation:
• Pricing settlement:
• Signing up:

5. Adsense:

• Adsense login creation:
• Color palette creation:
• Ads decision:
• Format determination:
• Custom channel creation:
• HTML code searching:
• Website code insertion:
• Adsense repot analysis:
• Optimization decision:

6. Em...

... middle of paper ...

...the expert because of the following reason:
 Lack of direction.
If you want to develop a strong base of a business on the expertise, and you want to frame yourself as the expert, then the path is easy; pick a topic, then study it and practice it and finally teach it.
The main important part of this situation is that until you commit to something you tend to take on most projects, resulting in not so amazing for the outcomes, thus reinforcing your belief that you are just not the good enough. Its all what you need to do is to get focused, pick something and does it as much long as you can to get a positive result and then build up from there.
It is a reality that the world is huge and the internet is vast, so you can always find your division if you are willing to give back. Remember that expertise is simply a perception created when one person helps the other.

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