Out Of Africa, The Nile Valley And The Northen Route Essay

Out Of Africa, The Nile Valley And The Northen Route Essay

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Based on the research done by scholars before, it has proved that origin of human is from Africa. People are wondering the routes of the migration of hominid. This essay will discuss the result some anthropologist have found about this topic base on the research article “OUT OF AFRICA, THE NILE VALLEY AND THE NORTHEN ROUTE” written by Sarah Wurz and Philip Van, and “Getting “Out of Africa”: Sea Crossing, Land Crossing and Culture in the Hominin Migration” by Robin Derricourt.
The first article reviewed the archeological and fossil record found in the “Out of Africa 2”, it talks about the Nile Valley specifically. The second article discussed the application of principle of Occam’s Razor which is “Plurality should be posited without necessity” into the evidence that find in present, this article wrote about two possible way which hominid migrated out of Africa. First articles point out Nile Valley played an important role on the migration of Human Migration, in second article it talked about the possible route through water.
In the first article the authors discuss the out of Africa has 2 time the first time the movement was prevented by complexity of early population structure. The second time was success, it has 2 dispersal event first is Out of Africa 2a and Out of Africa 2b. The Nile Valley contribute significant information on both events in second time, according to the evidences they have found. For examples: the Blue Nile in Sudan represent human have occupied Nile Valley in MIS 6/5e (133ka)(Wurz and Van 2011:170). A Lupemban industry also found on the west bank of Nile, which is a logistical economic system, they used organic and mineral resource and use of function-specific sites occur. The Early Nubian Complex whic...

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...crossed the arid region to more fertile zone. The cease of Nile River happened between the first migration of early homo and “Out of Africa 1”. The wet period is coincides with the “Out of Africa 2”and is connected with today’s arid region, the limits on geography and climate are not enough to support the level of gene flow required by the multiregional hypothesis for the emergence of modern human.
The two articles both write about the migration of early modern human out of Africa the first article indicates that Nile Valley contribute a lot on both events, northern route had the function of re-population the Southern route has the function of expansion. The second article shows the lack of evidence on water routes during the migration and the coincidence of cease flow of Nile with “Out of Africa 1” and coincidence of wet period in arid region with “Out of Africa 2”.

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