Essay on Our World is Too Dependent on Oil

Essay on Our World is Too Dependent on Oil

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The World has become far too dependent on gasoline. We have become so dependent that we are willing to destroy our planets fresh water to get it. Even more so dependent that oil may be the only reason that we go to war. Oil companies have been using a method of drilling called hydrofracking which is where they send a drill down into the earth a few thousand feet to where the oil is and then they send gallons of water down that exact same hole that was drilled and the pressure from the water breaks the rock formations where the oil was and the oil flows back the way the water came. We shouldn’t be using up all the oil we have meaninglessly, like the way we use it now, we should use it to find solutions to our problems such as our energy problem and what we are going to use to power our cars when gasoline runs out. Lucky for us there already is one; powering our cars with leftover food grade vegetable oil, which you can often get free at local restaurants, and straight vegetable oil from the grocers shelf.
These cars that run on leftover food grade vegetable oil are known as grease car...

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