Our Two Dominate Habitudes Are Target Goals And Spontaneous Essays

Our Two Dominate Habitudes Are Target Goals And Spontaneous Essays

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My two dominate habitudes are target goals and spontaneous. The advantages from target goals that are most like me are: setting and accomplishing goals, having a sense of well-being and control, and having money for unexpected expenses. The advantages from spontaneous that are most like me are: enjoying an exciting and fun life and being able to respond quickly to opportunities that are given to me.
The target goal advantages help me create an emergency fund when something unexpected comes up. For example, about a year ago my dog had to have an emergency surgery that costed me $1400. If it was not for me keeping an envelope in my safe for emergency use only I would not of been able to pay the vet bill; the vet that did the surgery will only take full payments at the time of the visit. I am a person who likes to have specific goals and I like to have control of my life. I love knowing that I have goals set for myself, weather it be academic, work related, fitness, money, etc. To me my goals tie into me having control over my life, I like to know what needs to be everyday in order to accomplish these goals. When I do have a list of things to do, or a goal (little or big) to work towards, I tend to get really stressed out and do not accomplish what needed to be done.
The spontaneous advantages help me have an adventurous life, because of this habitude I have gotten to be National American Miss Utah, travel to nations, meet celebrities, and go to amazing concerts with front row seats. I feel like without the spontaneous habitude in my life I would not be where I am today. I get to be a Kappa Delta, former Miss Utah, and have those amazing memories with celebrities and front row seats to people that I admire.
Some disadvantages f...

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...because I feel like the status habitude is something that could be a bad financial trait in someone. Also, I do not like the the free spirit habitude is mainly having someone else financially support you. I do not want a husband that I have to financially support all the time, I would not mind helping put him through school, but it would bug me if I knew he could get a good job and make some income and never did.
I feel like a combination of targeted goals, security, and selfless (with maybe a little bit of spontaneous mixed in as well) would be a great balance of all the habitudes. Like I mentioned above, I do not like the free spirit or status habitudes. To me, these two habitudes would be the ones that would get my spouse and I into a lot of debt and financial trouble; which as we have learned would put stress on the marriage and could possibly lead to a divorce.

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