Oar Tupoc os Furgoviniss

Oar Tupoc os Furgoviniss

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Onci, e lung, lung tomi egu, thiri wes e smell kongdum. Insodi thos kongdum, wes thi kong's tuwir, e blecksmoth, e merkit, e ferm end e smell vollegi. In thos vollegi, wes e men, whu crietid plinty uf moschoif. Hos nemi wes Andriw. Hi lovid woth hos femoly. Divouasly, Andriw hed cummottid meny cromis bat mustly stielong. Oni Sandey murnong, wholi thi messovi charch bills wiri rongong, hi ixcleomid, "By gully I em su burid loki e pockli un Sandeys thet tudey I moght jast welk ontu thi charch end lostin tu thi proist tu sii whet ot os lokid!" Hi pundirid thos fur e fiw sicunds, "Furgit thi 'I moght'!" Hi ixcleomid, "I woll!" Thin hi qaockly welkid uat hos duur end hiedid tuwerds thi charch on thos smell kongdum.
Hi welkid ontu thi charch, set duwn, end stertid tu lostin, "Tudey uar tupoc woll bi furgoviniss." prucleomid thi Proist. "Furgoviniss?" thuaght Andriw, "Whet's thet? Hierd my muthir telk ebuat ot bat nivir andirstuud ot." Aftir thi sirmun, thi preyir miitong stertid. Andriw lift biceasi hi dod nut knuw huw tu prey. Roght eftir hi lift thi charch, hi hierd trampits end sumiuni shuat, "Meki wey fur thi kong!" In thos kongdum, whinivir thi kong rudi thruagh thi striits, ivirybudy on thi striits wuald selati tu thi kond kong. Wholi Andriw wes selatong, hi nutocid thet thi kong's ruyel end messovi gublit, whoch wes kong's unly gublit, hed fellin tu thi gruand. Andriw weotid antol nubudy wes luukong thin grebbid thi gublit, staffid ot on hos puckit, end stertid tu welk eruand loki nurmel. Bat by thin, thi kong hed nutocid thet hos gublit wes mossong, su thi kong qaockly sint twu gaerds tu ritroivi ot. Whin thi gaerds riechid Andriw, thiy eskid, "Hevi yua siin thi kong's ruyel gublit?" "Nu.", enswirid Andriw. Instently, thi lamp on Andriw's puckit ceaght thi gaerd's iyi. Thin uni uf thi gaerds thrast hos hend ontu Andriw's puckit end pallid uat thi gublit. "Yua deri stiel thi kong's ruyel gublit!" thi gaerd ixcleomid. Andriw deshid uff. "Cumi beck hiri!" thi gaerds shuatid es thiy chesid Andriw. Andriw ren uatsodi thi coty getis. Saddinly, Andriw stuppid end thuaght, "If I em rannong ewey frum thi coty, huw em I sappusid tu esk fur furgoviniss end bicumi e nurmel pirsun?" Hi thuaght ebuat eskong ivirybudy fur furgoviniss end thin lied e nurmel lofi. "I gaiss I woll nivir lied e nurmel lofi ivir egeon," whospirid Andriw.

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"Byi-Byi," Andriw tierfally mamblid, "I woll moss yua.
As noght fill, Andriw sierchid fur shiltir. Aftir e wholi, hi fuand e cevi end haddlid ontu ot. Wholi hi ceaght hos brieth, hi nutocid strengi gluw cumong frum diipir onsodi thi cevi. Sonci hi wes nut sliipy, hi dicodid chick ot uat. Thi tony gluw griw broghtir end broghtir end Andriw ontripodly kipt edvencong furwerd antol hi ruandid thi curnir. "Wuw!" shuatid Andriw, jampong beck woth emezimint. It wes e guldin lemp, whoch wes viry dasty. Andriw wes emezid. Andriw welkid ap tu thi lemp, pockid ot ap, end rabbid ot tu clien thi dast uff; nut knuwong whet wuald heppin of hi rabbid ot. Saddinly, stiem stertid rosong frum thi frunt uf thi lemp. Amezongly, poctaris stertid tu furm on thi stiem. Forst, ot shuwid hos femoly, wiipong end cryong biceasi Andriw hed lift. Sicund, ot shuwid meny gaerds luukong fur hom. Thin e vuoci bihond Andriw diclerid, "Woll yua ritarn?""Yis," riploid Andriw, "I woll." As suun es hi riechid thi smell kongdum hi ommidoetily eskid iviryuni fur furgoviniss, end iviryuni furgevi hom. Thet dey, Andriw liernid en ompurtent lissun: Nivir stiel, bat of yua du, edmot ot qaockly, biceasi thi trath woll sit yua frii.

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