Our Text Book And Various Sites On The Web Essay

Our Text Book And Various Sites On The Web Essay

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While reading chapter 2 in our text book and various sites on the web. I had found a few and useful websites that could be used in a simpler context on how to better explain the rights of the victims and to ensure they will be held with respect, understanding the right information given to them and the status to provided protection to the victim, allow them to have the voice; restitution and compensation while they recover. When being an advocacy of victims, it is your duty to fully understand the rights of victims and how to handle each case sensitively to not further the emotionally state of the victim. Often, the victims are distraught about their case and are seeking answers and help of what to do next or how to go on after being victimized. Sometimes the victims seek out revenge that can do further harm than getting justice when it comes to a child or someone they loved that was murdered. Each case is a time sensitive and grueling process and often has the victims relive situations to the police officers, lawyers, judge, jury; or sometimes the reporters/public interviews (media).
Throughout my report, I will describe each part of the Iowa Code Chapter 915 in a simplest way I can state. I will have sections of paragraphs that state some of the codes that will pertain to victims. Also, to understand which codes group together and how they are explained in the simplest way for the victims to understand. I end my paper with a brief statement on where the victims can be assisted and educated about particular crimes and their rights. To repairing the harm and trauma caused and who ensures the their rights are being enforced and by whom. Lastly, establishing consequences if the rights are not upheld. I also included the Work Cited ...

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...s Although in the end it really takes the victim on how strong they are and willing to rebuild their life and move on and help others when it happens.

Lastly of my report, who is held in establishing consequences of the rights if they are not upheld? It is the job of the justice system to uphold and convict criminals. They are accountable by the government to control crime and impose penalties on anyone who violates the laws within our country. Each state had their own justice system that is rather similar to the United States system. Overall, I hope victims get peace after everything they endure and except the help when it is given. I wish things would be different and no harm comes to anyone but, in reality it is in our culture to harm one another and it is the job of the citizens to stop it and law enforcement to do their job and the justice system to convict.

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