Essay on Our Task Force, Generation X

Essay on Our Task Force, Generation X

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Our task force, Generation-X, is working to solve the invariant problem, retention, affecting many first-generation students here at the University of Florida by improving upon it through our campus resources. One resource in particular that is not commonly taken advantage of is the Counseling and Wellness Center. The Counseling and Wellness center is the main “provider of counseling, mental health, and psychiatric services for UF students” ( The main goal is to get students on track, reducing the emotional and psychological obstacles that may stand in one 's way to help them overcome the barriers that negatively cross paths with their academic performance. Barriers such as stress and anxiety are two of the most problematic stumbling blocks one could ever encounter.
Stress for one, is a natural psychological and overwrought response to change; everyone deals with it differently depending on the level of impact it has on a person. However, with stress levels being so high and anxiety kicking in, you’ll find yourself not being able to concentrate on your books anymore. “Your levels of focus, attention and concentration regularly change throughout the day. They may also be influenced by a variety of factors, such as stress levels, sleep patterns, fatigue, motivation, medical and psychological conditions.” The likelihood of this type of student being retained for four years is more-or-less unattainable.
Group therapy sessions are an effective form of treatment that can be said to have the same results as individual therapy sessions.At the end of fall 2013 and the Spring semester of 2014, approximately 214 group members were surveyed and they completed evaluations about the...

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...nts are likely to start in remedial classes upon entering college due to a lack of academic preparation. When a high school lacks the adequate resources for its students to excel, these same individuals will have a difficult time transitioning into college. For example, a student who took remedial English during high school will take ENC0025 due to this lack of academic preparation. Although, students entering college are also more likely to take a remedial math class than a remedial English class.
First generation students are put at a disadvantage due to lack of support from family members and preparation for the courses ahead in college. On top of this, these students will lack direction when seeking out academic and involvement resources. First generation students who enter college are not aware of the resources made available to them and are more likely to drop

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