Our Society Needs And Demands Knowledge Essay

Our Society Needs And Demands Knowledge Essay

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Our society needs and demands knowledge. However, where that knowledge comes from is an important characteristic of our learning practice. Within Sadira Rodrigues’ lecture, Histories: The Art School, The University + Pedagogy (11 Sept. 2014), she addressed the ways in which society has grown through learning and the key practice of education and the pedagogy. As a person sitting in the lecture, I found this lecture to be quite intriguing. Though what she talked about, interestingly enough, contradicted the way in which she dictated the lecture. Because it was in an educational setting, she needed to convey the information in a particular way to give students the material she had been required to do so, rather than acting on us as a pedagogue. The supplemental reading by Mark K. Smith, What is Pedagogy, helped to guide what Rodrigues was trying to flush out within her lecture. What I took from both the lecture and reading was that the connections we have within our community of pedagogues helps form and build our identities. Through our culture we find guidance and through education we are nurtured (Smith 7). In order for us to move forward progressively, we must balance the two to find peace within our own understandings. Furthermore, I anticipate understanding a better way that we can create our own identities through an interrelated system of education and pedagogy and also question the lengths we can go in order to address someone a pedagogue within this era.
Like Rodrigues mentioned, pedagogy embraces the notion of “the art of profession and of teaching” and the “preparatory training of instruction” in which the relationship needs company and needs to flourish (2014). A similar definition Smith has stated is that it is a “proc...

... middle of paper ...

...gogue and I think the student must first be interested and able to relate to it in some way for he/she to be interested and actually take on the knowledge the pedagogue shares.
As Rodrigues’ lecture and Smith’s reading prepared the audience for a discussion about education and pedagogy, what I took and applied to my experiences and questions made it feel more as if the research I did, acted as a pedagogue for my broader understanding of the subject. By this lecture and reading, I have realized that learning is what our lives are made of and driven by. And pedagogues are the key to impacting our future by living in the present. Lastly, I want to express the idea and raise the question about how students (and people) can go on about creating their own identities when so much knowledge is forced onto us and how influence and appropriation constantly invades our lives?

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