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Our Sister Trip Essay

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Sister's Trip

A year ago, my youngest sister Claudia and I decided to go to a beautiful city in Colombia called Santa Marta. We didn't know what to expect, or where to go, which was one of the best feelings ever. We were going to be able to explore a new place. We did some research to find some of the most beautiful places in the area, and many people suggested Tayrona Park. I already knew of Tayrona Park, and I wanted to do some more research to discover some different places. That is where I found Cabo De La Vela. The pictures were beautiful, and it was only four hours from Santa Marta. It was also the perfect place to go kite surfing, something we wanted to try. When I asked some of the people in Santa Marta how to get there, they told me it could be dangerous, and that the two of us girls shouldn't try to go by ourselves. Despite the danger, there was only one thing in my mind. I wanted to have the most amazing experience possible, and I wanted it to be one of the best times of my life. This was an amazing opportunity to do something different with my sister, so we decided to go to both places.

To get to Cabo De La Vela you have to cross the Guijira desert, which takes about two hours. After two hours, seeing nothing but sand, we had no idea what to expect. I began to feel discouraged. I knew this would be a trip to relax and meditate, and I was right. As soon as we got to Cabo De La Vela the first thing we were told is that there is no electricity after 6pm, only one cell phone company provides service to the area, and the first car to go back to town leaves at 5am. At this point, I realized it was only the beach, myself, and my thoughts. My first reaction was a smile. I have always wished for a day without any kind of co...

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... and a salad made up of lettuce, carrots, green peppers, tomatoes, freshly squeezed lime, and vinegar. The meal was huge, but we ate it all, and the best thing was that we only paid 10 dollars for it!

Santa Marta was the best trip of my life. I spent quality time with the person I love the most, my little sister, and I had the opportunity to teach her that you have to work hard in order to have the best results and accomplish your goals, and that the reward will be priceless. All the walking we did took us to the most beautiful places we had ever seen. I feel extremely lucky to be born in Colombia. Although the country has a bad reputation, the beauty that lies in it is unimaginable. On our trip the only people we met were happy and humble, and they were all smiling. I would love to go back to these three places a million more times, especially Dona Panchita![1059]

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