Our National Legacy Is Freedom Essay

Our National Legacy Is Freedom Essay

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Our National Legacy is Freedom
We all have a legacy, something we wish to leave behind for the next generation to remember us for, whether that’s hard work, kindness or freedom. The United States of America is founded upon freedom, however, this freedom has a different definition to many. It has been thought for a long time that this freedom provides equality and rights to all regardless of race or religion, but, the truth is that to this nation, freedom really stands as a façade. Although America is the land of opportunity, these opportunities are not equally spread among all Americans. From Native Americans being placed in reservations, we see this freedom take a different approach for certain groups. It’s as if they are free to live, but not free to be equal to whites. Our national legacy is freedom that comes with limits; one that restricts certain groups of people from certain rights to maintain white supremacy by any means necessary.
Dee Brown, an American author and historian who wrote, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, tells to us the story of how through Manifest Destiny and the implementation of a so-called freedom, America was colonized. Manifest Destiny is the belief that America is destined to expand, and was used by the European settlers to justify their actions towards the Natives. Brown discusses how this belief was put into practice. He says, “The Europeans and their descendants were ordained by destiny to rule all of America. They were the dominant race and therefore responsible for the Indiansalong with their lands, their forests, and their mineral wealth” (Brown 8). In order for the Europeans to get rid of the Native Americans they had to create a belief that would allow them to do that. Even though ...

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...ny believed that freedom is a God given right to humanity. However, America has distorted the meaning of freedom, making some people believe in a false liberty. A liberty that limits and that is conditional. This changes the true meaning of freedom. True freedom allows everyone, including Native Americans, all the rights and equal treatment. Similarly, to Native Americans, I have also faced injustices to due to my background. I lived in Montreal, Canada for eight years and when I came to the U.S I did not know English. This disadvantage of mine made teachers treat me differently and saw me as inferior to other kids. What Native Americans had to go through shows us the true legacy of what this country wants to leave behind for the next generation, which is the freedom and luxury to simply live in America but not all the rights that come with being an American citizen.

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