Our Imperfect American School System Essay

Our Imperfect American School System Essay

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Our Imperfect American School System
Our schools have been imperfect from the very beginning. There are countless flaws that have to be fixed in our educational system . Some of which are the lack of education and information our students are getting because of technology, segregation between the students, terrible mathematics scores, and the rate of which our students are dropping out. Here are specific problems out of many that American schools are dealing with today.
Lack of information and education
In Todd Gitlin’s essay, “The Liberal Arts in an Age of The Info Glut” it is said how the buildup of modern day information and influence is eroding the once wholesome education of students. Back when there were no mobile devices, computers, or really any of this technology; students had to actually study and pay attention to get the information that they needed, but now all you have to do is look up your book and the answers are right in front of you.
“On average, Americans watch television, or are in its presences, for more than four hours a day- half the waking hours that not taken up with work” (Gitlin 155) Gitlin explained as he made clear how we as Americans are so induced by the entertainment of the television that we become impressionable to what we see. The four hours on average of television watched by Americans is what contributes to the lack of educational knowledge our citizens are getting Gitlin claims. If all education could find common ground, we could have a more democratically useful and smart society.
One of the Lowest Mathematic Scores
The lack of information American schools are getting is probably the same reason our mathematics scores are one of the lowest ranked of many other countries. When Floyd Norri...

... middle of paper ...

... looks and popularity realize what it is to be an adult, it is too late and all their opportunities have been lost and their time has been wasted. We need to get students to understand that we go to school to get our education and to be prepared for adulthood, so we will not be unprepared for real life.
Although American schools have had many solved problems and flaws, there are many ways we can improve our schools. Students need to learn how important it is to know about their history, social conditions, and themselves but the technology and television is a big distraction. We can try to push our students to study harder, try to get them to see how important mathematics is, and make sure they are ready for standardized tests. Students also need to be prepared for the adult world so it is important to explain how education is the key to being successful.

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