Essay on Our 6 Hour Workshop For Unit 1

Essay on Our 6 Hour Workshop For Unit 1

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Our 6 hour workshop for Unit 1 was on the topic “slavery”. I have gained a deeper understanding of slavery and especially how slavery is still very prominent in this day and age but in different forms e.g. human trafficking. I also learned what emotions you may experience when forced into any type of slavery and the effect it has on you and the trafficker.
Hour 1
The class was introduced to our first stimulus - the word slavery. In groups we created mind maps of our initial thoughts. Many interesting words came out such as abuse, discrimination, pushing down and loss of identity. We were given 1 minute to come up with 3 still images. One image investigated the idea of a slave not being in control. We created an image of a puppet being controlled from above by multiple people. Not only did this show the manipulation of the slaves, but it also showed how it is not always one person in control but often multiple people. This used the medium of space and levels to show who was in control. I thought this was effective because it showed an image of a puppet which is often seen as a children’s toy being taken out of context and manipulated. Our other image played on the idea of loss of identity. Three people covered the ‘slaves’ eyes and neck to portray the slaves now distorted vision of the world outside. Removing facial expressions of the slaves, we were able to portray how in the world of slavery your personality doesn’t matter and only your body does. The performers controlling also kept a blank face to show that the traffickers feel no remorse or sorrow for doing this to another human being. I found this disturbing because they seemingly cannot feel any emotion or sorrow for their actions. This helped me understand slavery from the...

... middle of paper ...

... symbolized the loss of innocence.
Through this lesson I have developed my physical theatre devising skills, and used the medium of mime to an extent that I haven’t used it before. I think the most important thing that I learned from this lesson was the power of spoken language. Just adding a few lines into our performance added a new dimension that no other groups had, and allowed us to mark different moments in our piece.
To conclude I believe that learning about slavery and especially human trafficking through drama has given me a different understanding of it because I would have not been able to gain this kind of insight into what emotions it entails without having to try and put myself in that position. I really enjoyed exploring the new element of soundscape and I feel my knowledge of the drama mediums and elements has been expanded by these last few lessons.

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