`` Our Gas Guzzlers, Their Lives `` By Nicholas D. Kristof Essays

`` Our Gas Guzzlers, Their Lives `` By Nicholas D. Kristof Essays

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The controversy on global warming has been increasing almost as rapidly as the climate itself. Although greenhouse gases could have, in some aspects, positive effects in our society, it comes at the cost of environmental damage. In his 2007 article, “Our Gas Guzzlers, Their Lives”, a two time Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Nicholas D. Kristof calls to action the negative affects western green house gas emissions have in poverty-stricken countries like Africa. Kristof effectively establishes a one-sided argument through his use of rhetorical devices such as: an accusing tone, standardized diction, loaded language, and the use of ethos, pathos, and logos.
Nicholas Kristof begins his excerpt prosing the unfair life that western countries inflict on the subsistent villages in Africa by refusing to restrain greenhouse gas emissions. Kristof informs the readers that he will be discussing those who suffer the most in poverty-stricken countries like Africa, as opposed to the common topic of climate change in the arctic and the states that are caused by the gas emissions. The author provides a brief glimpse on the average income of individuals and life expectancy of a child in order to display how the climate change adds to their complicated life - in some cases even killing them. He relegates the Arctic and Antarctica 's high latitude levels by comparing it the erratic environmental changes that Bujumbura is facing such as the dying crops, scarce water, decreasing lake levels, and aggressive climate changes. Kristof uses various sources that contribute in tackling the region’s poverty and vulnerability that the West imposes on them. The author ends the article suggesting, “we..institute a carbon-tax or... a cap-and-trade system for...

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...l because he fails to mention if these issues are due to the climate change. Similarly, he informs the audience of the dropping lake levels, crop net revenue. as well as a testimonial from the Ugandan President saying, “its a form of harassment.” Most if not all of this statistical examples are not exactly specified if it is due to the green house gas emissions, however, is does help play a role when dealing with pathos.
To conclude, Nicholas Kristof successfully convinces the audience through his use of rhetorical strategies and more specifically his pathos. Although the article provides a lack of possible reforms, he mentions them but does not actually go in depth. His strong use of pathos as well as his credibility of sources, prior knowledge of hunger in third world countries, and statistical data persuades the audience to look through his point of view.

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