Essay Our Dreams Give Us Hope

Essay Our Dreams Give Us Hope

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Since the start of the world, Man has been searching for the meaning of life. He has looked everywhere but often failed to find it. The reason to live is to savor life and to live one filled with joy. This is another problem Man has often faced: how to be happy. Most of us think that we are happy when everyone else is proud of us, when we have achieved something for them or done something for the rest of the world. We strive to accomplish what others expect us to do, whether it is our parents, our friends, or even our teachers. The truth is something that has always been shunned: Man finds happiness by accomplishing the goals he sets for himself, realizing the dreams he holds. It turns out that the pursuit of happiness, something men have killed themselves in the frustration of grasping, is not so elusive after all.
A dream motivates you. It pushes you forward even when you don’t want to go, and even though you might regret being pushed, you would regret not finding out what came after the shove even more. Dreams make us who we are; they define our goals and limits. They then urge us to push past those limits in the hope that we will accomplish something worth accomplishing. Sometimes, the dreams are too quick; they slip out of your hands just as you touch them. But the feel of the dream on your hands inspires you again, if only for you to see it crushed again. By this I mean that no matter what we must go through, our pains and our sufferings, we will be driven to accomplish our goals. Catching a dream is hard, it frustrates you. Catching a dream seems impossible. Once you finally do grasp that dream, the sense of pride you have made for yourself overwhelms you, makes your body tingle in excitement. No matter what it takes to g...

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...sfied with his achievements and remains happy throughout the rest of the novel.
I too wish to find the happiness that has been hidden from so many. Until I have a dream that I choose to chase, I will be on the path to happiness. It may be difficult, but in the end, when I have done what I decide I am worthy of doing, I will be happy, satisfied with my actions and my life. I do not know what I want to accomplish during the lifetime ahead of me but I do know this: nothing and no one will stop me from catching my dream when I know what it is. Our dreams are what make us excel, they are what makes us weep in joy and they are what allow us to hold our heads high in pride. Without our dreams, we are nothing, unless we do what we dream of doing, we will never find happiness. Our dreams give us hope; they make us who we are. Our dreams are our legacies.

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