Our Culture Is What It Is Intertwined With Our Heritage, Customs, History, And Culture

Our Culture Is What It Is Intertwined With Our Heritage, Customs, History, And Culture

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Our culture is what defines us. It is intertwined with our heritage, customs, history and more. Different cultures exist throughout the world. They differ in almost every facet. Different cultures even exist within the same country, and some large cities. What you hold sacred could be a common food in another country. The customs and traditions you practice daily could make no sense to a person from another culture. Add in language barriers most of the time, and the difficulty with intercultural communication is clear. Thus, it is incredibly daunting for a person to travel to another country, and be immersed in their culture from the second they step foot there. The movie Outsourced tackles this very issue. It follows an American marketing executive, Todd, as he is rushed into India to help the transition of outsourcing his company to a foreign country for a cheaper cost of operation. Todd has unfamiliar with India, and we see his journey as he moves from a stranger to an expert by the end of the movie. Outsourced gives us a first-hand look into the differences in attitudes, values, beliefs, customs, and public/private behavior between The United States and India.

Every culture has its own customs and daily practices that differ throughout the world. While the differences between the United States and a European country might not be that different, India is otherworldly experience compared to the US. Todd experiences this culture shock first hand with their day-to-day customs in India. From the second he arrives he is taken aback by the scene at the airport. Todd is forced to take a taxi after not seeing his chauffeured car, and is shocked by the aggressive group of drivers, begging for his business. A complete contrast to a trad...

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...gly frowned upon. From a personal perspective, I can relate to Indian culture more than American culture. Coming from an Arab culture, where similarly to India, religion is embedded into our culture. And also similarly to India, Islam forbids most displays of affection between a man and woman, especially for unmarried couples. A public display of affection would be an incredibly incredulous thing to do.

In conclusion, the movie Outsourced displays the ever-present cultural divide in a great way. It tackles the clash between American and India cultures, through the eyes of an American sales executive. Throughout the movie, we see how Todd is immersed in Indian culture, and how he deals with the differences in attitudes, values, beliefs, customs, and behaviors. Todd fully embraces the differences by the end of the movie, signaling an end to a very informative journey.

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