Our Cell Phones, Ourselves, By Christine Rosen Essay

Our Cell Phones, Ourselves, By Christine Rosen Essay

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A common theme is taking place where as people feel that cell phones are starting to take over others daily lives. Many people go through their day to day lives not even relizing how often they are on their cell phones. In the article, “Our Cell Phones, Ourselves” the author Christine Rosen talks about how cell phones are starting to become a necessity in every way towards peoples lives. Rosen talks about both the good and bad effects of cell phones and how they have changed the way in which we work our daily life. Although I think cell phones can be necissary, the constant need for use could be the beginning of how cell phones will take over our every day lives.
“Our Cell Phones, Ourselves” talks much about how people are slowly becoming addicted and dependent on their cell phones. The article discusses how a study was conducted in which students were told to turn off their cell phones for 48 hours and then after talk about how they feel. One girl said, “I felt like I was going to get raped if I didn’t have my cell phone in my hand. I carry it in case I need to call someone for help.” This quote shows how people depend on their cell phones for their safety and sense of mind. There is also a dangerous side to cell phones as well, which a study includes “that approximently 600,000 drivers were actively using their cell phones at any one time”. This goes towards how now texting a driving is illegal because it’s a risk to yourself and other drives due to the distraction. Another issue is that many people can’t go anywhere without hearing or seeing someone on their cell phones. The article suggest that people tend to get more annoyed at over hearing a cell phone conversation then a conversation over heard in person. Rosen says that ...

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...u in ways of the road, and how it makes others feel around you when you are on your phone. After going through a number of articles about location use and cell phones, how they effect your relationships, and how they make you feel more social connected, you start to see how they take away from your day to day relationships. Although cell phones maybe beneficial when the time is right, being addicted to your cell phone can result in you losing an emotional attachment to those around you. When with the people you care about you want to make them feel secure and confident in you and when you are constantly checking your cell phone for the latest gossip, you are taking away the interpersonal connection you have from one another. Society needs to learn to just put their cell phones down and not let it distract them from their safety, relationships, and those around them.

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