Our Biological Impuslses towards Attraction in Males and Females Essay

Our Biological Impuslses towards Attraction in Males and Females Essay

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This article touches base on our biological impulses towards attraction in males and females. The conditions on how one seeks out a significant other with verbal strategies, interaction patterns, and learned behaviors such as flirting. The article explains the “Five Flirting Styles” and how they were developed to contain research on things such as motivations, strategies, importance of gender roles and most importantly, a relationship. These five flirting styles consist of, the first being a traditional flirting style which measures the importance of gender roles to the both of the partners. The second style is the physical flirting style that is based on sexual communication in the beginning of the relationship. The main idea in this style is that showing sexual desire is a crucial factor in nonverbal communication of romantic interest by both men and women. The third style, the sincere flirting style is obvious by a desire to create an emotional bond with a possible romantic partner. Research shows, seeking an emotional connection with your partner was viewed as most agreeable and desirable. The fourth style being the playful flirting style, which is what makes flirting fun, and not tied to a commitment. The last style, that is the polite flirting style is used to embrace politeness and to avoid inappropriateness or rude sexual behaviors. These flirting behaviors and biological attractiveness is what the beginning relationship stages are all about. These are what make the distinctions between if the person is interested in the potential partner or not. With a lack of these behaviors it is uncommon that a relationship will surface.This article consists of romantic relationships during adolescence, which refers to dates that take...

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...ou cannot be loved until you love yourself.

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