Essay about Our Asian Pacific Country

Essay about Our Asian Pacific Country

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Our Asian-Pacific country, Botan, is known for being culturally homogenous and having strong values in education. Economically, the country is focused on manufacturing and is mostly technologically advanced. The education system that is currently in place is strong and has consistently produced students who performed well on the standardized PISA assessment. However, due to the large focus on testing, students have experienced high test anxiety along with a lack of creativity and critical thinking skills. For Botan, our primary goal is to create a more balanced environment that alleviates pressure and creates students who are more well-rounded in terms of their social and critical thinking abilities in order to become productive members of the work force.
To begin, our first step toward achieving this goal is to broaden the curriculum. Currently, the curriculum consists of primarily common core classes such as reading, math, and science with the sole purpose of preparing students for the PISA exam. This focus on test preparation results in extreme pressure to memorize information, creating a lack of interest among students, which is in turn contributing to high dropout rates in Botan. Our way of fixing this issue is to incorporate more liberal arts classes that give students the opportunity to explore their creativity and personal interests through course selection on an individual basis. Since Botan is already technologically advanced, the students are already well versed and familiar with technology, which is why we would like to focus on including liberal arts classes such as art, music, theatre, and linguistics.
Furthermore, currently in Botan there is very little variety among teaching styles and lessons, making it diffi...

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...pend more time ensuring that students fully understand the material and less time focusing on the test. Altogether, this change would help to create a less stressful environment for both the students and the teachers, which would address one of the biggest problems facing Botan.
In conclusion, our vision for Botan reform is creating students who can be successful in a workforce through development of interpersonal and critical problem solving skills. We want to create an educational system that addresses the current test pressure issue while also propelling students through expansion of creativity and knowledge. Through change of curriculum and restructuring of the grading system, we want to create a more open, engaging environment for students. Ultimately, our aspiration is to positively contribute to Botan’s society by producing well-rounded, educated students.

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