Our Ability to Connect with Nature Essay

Our Ability to Connect with Nature Essay

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Nature is a reality of life. The definition of reality could be everything that cease to exist in an individual’s life. Because reality means something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exists necessarily, nature should be a part of every individual’s life. As individual human beings, we tend to forget the beauty that nature has given us and only see objects and subjects we want to see. Nature has existed since the beginning of time and the bible story of Adam and Eve may suggest that an individual came from nature. In the Genesis 2:7, Adam was created by God from the Earth’s dust and Eve was created from Adam’s rib. An individual should be able to connect with nature, because the individual was first created by Earth’s dust. However, that is not the case and an individual usually experience little to no connection with nature. In Martha Stout’s essay, “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday,” Stout mentions dissociation as the possible cause of why an individual is unable to connect deeply and form an identity with nature. In “Selections From Into The Wild”, by Jon Krakauer, Krakauer mentions a story of a young man, named Chris McCandless. McCandless was a recent college graduate who was able to experience and bond with nature, when he decided to trek into the Alaskan wilderness. In “The Mind’s Eye,” Oliver Sacks talk about a men name John Hull, who experienced a relationship with nature after he went blind. Although modern society have made it no longer possible to keep in touch with nature, it is still possible to form an identity with nature. Though dissociation is cause of our inability to form a close bond with nature, it could be the solution using that ability to form an identity with nature.
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... created an identity with nature by being able to figure out that she needed to move on with life. Julia will start to see the beauty of nature and form an identity with nature, once she is able to understand who she truly is. Although modern society have made it no longer possible to keep in touch with nature, it is still possible to form an identity with nature. Though dissociation is cause of our inability to form a close bond with nature, it could be the solution using that ability to form an identity with nature.

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