The Other Wes Moore : Argumentative Essay

The Other Wes Moore : Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Essay “The other Wes Moore”
This book is telling a story about two African American boys (Wes A and Wes P) who have the same name and grew up at same community, but they have a very different life. The author, Wes A, begins his life in a tough Baltimore neighborhood and end up as a Rhodes Scholar, Wall Streeter, and a white house fellow; The other Wes Moore begins at the same place in Baltimore , but ends up in prison for the rest of his life. Then why do they have the same experience, but still have a totally different life? I will agree here that environment (family environment, school education environment and society environment) is one of the biggest reasons for their different.
The environment of a person’s growing plays a very important role, so growing environment is the most important influencing factors. Growth environment is superior children often can healthy growth, but too much to the child is unfavorable for the healthy growth of children. Because just like the flowers in the greenhouse, and when they encounter setback and difficulties that have no ability to overcome it and give up. A child’s growth environment basically includes school, family and society. The three growth environment if you want to according to the importance sequence, followed by family, school and society, because the family and school environment are the closest growth environment to the children. Of course, we also cannot ignore society this has an important effect on children’s life.
The family environment is the biggest impact on the healthy growth of children. Parents are the first teacher of children. From the child’s babble to toddler, nothing have is not by parents teach children. The same children’s earl...

... middle of paper ...

...ine. I believe that in addition to the existing school education way and the modern social development also does not adapt and family education also has a larger error, largely due to social bad education caused by environment factor. Society environment is also equally important, and a good society environment is more conducive to the healthy growth of children, but no more important than family and school environment to the children.
In conclusion, a good growth environment is the prerequisites for the child growth and success. If parents want to develop their children, so they must create a good growth environment for their children. However, too much to the child is unfavorable for the healthy growth of children, because just like the flowers in the greenhouse, and when they encounter setback and difficulties that have no ability to overcome it and give up.

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