Essay about The Other Wes Moore And The Young Boys

Essay about The Other Wes Moore And The Young Boys

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As of 2016 there has been a population of 7.4 billion people on planet Earth, America alone makes up 323 million people; this also happens to be the third most populated country in the world with China being the first with approximately one billion, three hundred eighty-two million people. India following in second place with one billion, two hundred fifty-one million people. However this isn 't the only thing we have one of the highest numbers to , we are also known for the highest incarceration rates in the world. Nevertheless, this dilemma has become a serious problem that is mainly affecting minority groups and also the poor. In the book The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore we get to see how much these statistics affect the stories of two young boys and, what it took for one of them to end up in jail. I will discuss the growing problem that is the increasing incarceration rates and some of the reasons they happen by using the book The Other Wes Moore and sources found online .

In the story The Other Wes Moore we are able to embark on a two similar journeys that end drastically different.There are many reasons why people end up in jail and in this book we are able to see a few of those reasons. One of the first reason would have to be the lack of a father figure. For Wes Moore the author his father didn 't have much of a choice when it came to his faith, yet for the other young boy named Wes his father abandon him at a young age. His father made the decision to leave ,and not be apart of his life.On a website called the National Center of Fathering statistic shows that children with without a father figure are more likely to end up doing thing like drugs , alcohol, they are also more prone to have behavioral issues either a...

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...ty that many people are in. In most of the case the reason people end up in jail has to do with a lack of money. In Tony and Wes case they began because of where they were from and that would be a poor neighborhood where what they grew up seeing was drugs and violence. So my question is how can you expect a lot for somehow who only know a limited amount of thing? We couldn 't expect a lot out of “the other Wes Moore” because they there wasn 't a lot that he knew about. Wes only knew what he had learned on the streets and that was about drugs and violence. Unfortunately there are many others that are in the problem that Wes was in and unless they someone like the author 's mother, Joy who was willing to send her son to military school for his own good, we can only assume they will just be another number to add to the statistics of the increasing incarceration rates.

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