Essay on Other Victims of The Nazis Persecution

Essay on Other Victims of The Nazis Persecution

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Some people say The Holocaust is our worlds weakest and most vile moment in history. With the death of eleven million helpless and innocent victims, it was a traumatic time of blood and tears. Six million of these deaths came from the Jew population. While about 2/3 of the Jewish population was killed in Europe, others suffered too. The Gypsies, the Poles, those who were mentally disabled, and twins were also targeted during the time of the Holocaust. Many people lose sight of the deaths of anyone other than the Jews, but the road was long and hard for everyone involved.
Like most of the victims, The Gypsies were victims of such torture and inhuman treatment because of their race. The Gypsies were a nomadic people. According to Holocaust Education, “the original German gypsy policy, in the 20th century, focused on integrating the gypsies into the “ordinary” German society.” They needed somewhere to settle in order to become part of the “ordinary” society. However, no community wanted to end up with them. Similar to the Jews, they were considered an “inferior race.” The Germans were intimidated by them, Holocaust Education says “they were a danger to the survival of the German people and the purity of the German ‘blood.” They were looked at as pollution to society. Starting in 1938 The Gypsies were placed in concentration camps if they did not have a steady job. Once the war began, the situation worsened. If they survived the diseases and starvation, they were gassed to death along with the Jews. The Gypsies were never hunted by the Nazis, like the Jews were, but when German security came across them, they were executed. In 1943, the deportation to Auschwitz, the largest concentration camp, began.
Another group subjected to the...

... middle of paper ... it. But in that search for perfection, the Nazis lost any ethical values that they may have previously had.

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