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Essay on The Other Hand By Ullman

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On the other hand, Ullman, rather than explaining the causes and inflections of gender roles and inequality on society, explains the impacts of each on not necessarily society as a whole but much rather gender inequality’s impact on her career. Ullman is both an author and a computer scientist and has been one since the late seventies and writes a lot about her experiences and observations in the technology industry. She breaks her article down explaining what it means to be a programmer and then also what it means to be a programmer who is a woman. Ullman describes that in order to be a good programmer, one must love computers and be okay with failing multiple times until they achieve their goal. While Ullman thinks that she did her job well, she goes on to explain that she encountered many clients as well as bosses who discounted her skills as a programmer and looked at her not as a programmer but as a woman and just that. Due to this judgment, Ullman says women who attempt to rise in ranks are not only less likely to succeed but are also much more heavily scrutinized than their male counterparts. Despite her observations, Ullman does not offer any words of advice to women that are encountering issues but rather advises that they do what works for them; whether that be biting their tongue or lashing out at prejudice authoritative figures.
While alone the two articles may form good points, together the two articles have come together to form a good logical argument. Due to the articles using multiple approaches to the issue and the rhetorical elements they use, I would have to say I have come to believe in the issue at hand. That issue is that gender is not something that inherently divides us as human beings
but rather some...

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...uld be throw into the science world unwillingly, I do support diversity in workplaces and belief that it is good at making not only a better workplace but world as well.
While gender inequality may not affect some as much as it affects others, it is definitely prevalent in most lives, some hope to make the men and women simply equal in society. If people in society are willing to become more aware, gender inequality could become a thing of the past, so long as people are willing to begin to see one another as people rather than separate genders. It will probably not be a quick movement nor an easy one, controversies such as races have existed for a long time and still exist today. Though this revolution and social reform has begun to take traction and will most likely grow in time, it is up to individuals to spread awareness of the inequality present in their lives.

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