The Other Bronte Sister: Charlotte Essay examples

The Other Bronte Sister: Charlotte Essay examples

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Would you expect a person who has endured countless tragedies to still achieve a life of success? Charlotte Bronte is an inspirational woman of the 1800s. She had always found a way to have success even when the odds were stacked against her. Charlotte Bronte has written many poems and books beginning at a young age with the help of her siblings. Charlotte is an empowering force to women explaining that if you want something back enough you can always achieve it. Charlotte has had quite the journey filled with inspiration throughout her early life, later days, and even in the writings her poetry.
Charlotte “Jane Eyre” Bronte was born April 21, 1816. She was born the third daughter out of six children. In 1824, Charlotte and her older sisters, Maria and Elizabeth Bronte, enrolled in the Cowan Bridge Clergy Daughters’ School and obtained their education. Soon after Charlotte’s younger sister, Emily, joined them at the school, Maria and Elizabeth became very ill. Charlotte’s father, Patrick Bronte, requested for Maria and Elizabeth to be sent home to be taken care of. Charlotte and Emily were left to attend Cowan Bridge alone; however, this did not last long because they were soon requested home by their father as well. In the following year, Elizabeth and Maria both died of consumption. The death of these two beloved sisters took a toll on the Bronte family causing the remaining siblings to cling together for support and become best friends. Charlotte, her brother Branwell, Emily, and youngest sister Anne began to write epic stories and poems together, often set in the realm of the Kingdom of Gondal. This was the beginning of the legacy to be left by Charlotte Bronte. (Gerin, 169)
Later in the life of Charlotte Bronte, she decided ...

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...It was also a reflection of the longing she felt for Angeria as well as the anxious need to reconcile her desire to write with the necessity of continuing to teach to earn a living. The poem then breaks into retrospective and explains the incompatibility of Charlotte’s imaginative life with her actual life.(

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