Othello By William Shakespeare : Blame For The Downfall Of Othello Essay

Othello By William Shakespeare : Blame For The Downfall Of Othello Essay

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Iago has been to blame for the downfall of Othello because he is the one that created the jealousy within Othello. Iago started this because he was jealous of Othello because he was not made lieutenant, and Cassio was. Iago has been selfish and takes it upon himself to get revenge against Othello.

Iago has been excellent at saying the what is needed to get to people, he misleads them to get a reaction he wants out of them. He is clever with his words to avoid confrontation that can easily happen. “Othello 's confusion is the human experience of language. In other words, language itself, not the outside world, determines meaning” (Christofides 2). Iago uses his words against Othello to get him to do Iago’s doings. Iago has an eloquence with words. He uses them to gain in favor of other people. Not that he is using bigger words, but the way he uses them gives words a different meaning. He does this very well with Othello. Iago and Othello compete against each other to have authority over the other person. They both want authority over the other person and Othello doesn’t actually realize that Iago is the one in control. Iago is able to manipulate conversations to his favor and he does this to get conclusions that he wants. An example of Iago’s manipulation:
“Iago. Ha! I like not that.
Othello. What dost thou say?
Iago. Nothing, my lord: or if—I know not what.
Othello. Was not that Cassio parted from my wife?
Iago. Cassio, my lord! No, sure, I cannot think it,
That he would steal away so guilty-like,
Seeing you coming.
Othello. I do believe 'twas he” (Shakespeare 3.3. 1664-1675).
Iago suggests that Cassio and Othello’s wife Desdemona are doing something together. Othello is able to comprehend that they would do this and he go...

... middle of paper ...

...In complement extern" (“Where Iago Lies” 19). Because of Iago, Othello creates his own anxiety. He has anxiety because he now worries that Desdemona may be cheating on him with Cassio. Iago creates Othello’s fear by twisting his words to have different meanings. “Iago: O, beware, my lord, of jealousy/ It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock/ The meat it feeds on” (Shakespeare 1816-1818). Iago is manipulating Othello into believing that Othello shouldn’t be jealous, which tricks Othello into being jealous. The green-eyed monster is another term for jealousy. It is Othello though that allows him to get trapped in anxiety. Iago exploits him to bring Othello to a tragic end.

Iago is the reason for Othello downfall, because he executed the perfect situation that couldn’t fail. Iago started his downfall when he wasn’t happy with the outcome of never being promoted.

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