The Osi Model Of A Network Essay

The Osi Model Of A Network Essay

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The OSI model is a model of how a network actually works. The OSI model has seven different layers and is of course, theoretical. Meaning, this model may not be true in every instance, perhaps it can work without a counter part or perhaps not. The layers of the OSI are comprised of these layers: Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation, and Application (InetDaemon, 2015).
The Physical Layer is the layer that is responsible for the hardwired connection, this is in charge of the cables and device layouts (Tetz, 2011). Without this layer no devices would be able to connect to that network. This includes wireless as Wi-Fi cards belong to the physical and data link layers (Capano, 2014). The physical layer also takes the data form the previous layer and converts it into bits to send out, and it also takes bits and converts that into data for the next layer.
The Data Link Layer is responsible for controlling the physical layer (Capano, 2014). It also provide MAC addresses. Every MAC address is unique and it belongs to that particular device. The data link layer i...

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