Osha Construction Vs General Industry Safety Standards Essay

Osha Construction Vs General Industry Safety Standards Essay

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OSHA Construction vs General Industry Safety Standards

The Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act of 1970 served to create Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which is the agency that oversees the working conditions of most workplaces in the country. This agency sets standards and enforces them, as well as providing education, outreach, training, and assistance with compliance. The standards set forth by the Administration cover four main categories, which are maritime, general industry, agriculture, and construction. All employers must provide work environments that are safe and free from potential hazards. While the general industry standards apply to all workplaces, industry specific standards take precedence over the general ones when they relate to hazards that are identical. Requirements such as hazard communication and personal protective equipment (PPE) are applicable to all industries.

Cited Standards and Accident Statistics

The general industry and construction sectors have consistently been the most cited for over 10 years. The construction industry is particularly hazardous to workers; over 1,000 workers in construction suffer fatalities on the job annually, and 400,000 workers in the industry experience work-related illnesses or injuries. Information made available by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that from the year 1993 to the year 2013, the construction industry has sustained an average of 11.68 deaths for every 100,000 construction workers. This is 3.3 times more than the average fatality rate in all other industries combined.

Protection From Falls

According to OSHA construction industry standards, employees working at six feet or higher must be provided with fall protectio...

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...t require the obscuring of signs once the hazard is no longer there.

Eye Washes

Within 25 feet of any battery changing area of a site, there must be a body flushing and eye wash facility. The general industry standard differs in that eye wash must be found at the same level of the potential hazard, and it must also be accessible within 10 seconds of need.

Worksite Illumination

Construction site standards are quite specific in terms of illumination, but the standards for the general industry sector do not generally involve such specific requirements. Light meters may enable an easier assessment of how an area is illuminated.

Safety standards are vital to the well-being of workers. Employers must ensure that worksites are properly equipped for safety. They must also be sure that their workers are sufficiently trained in maintaining safety in the workplace.

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