Oscar Wilde 's The Nightingale And The Rose Essays

Oscar Wilde 's The Nightingale And The Rose Essays

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“Good writing” is not simply defined by proper grammar, spelling, or style. It is far more than sentence construction and plot structure. Good writing utilizes thoughtful imagery and eloquent text to capture the audience’s interest. Oscar Wilde’s short story “The Nightingale and the Rose” and Kenneth Burke’s essay “The Definition of Man” implement vivid narration and descriptive language to enthrall the reader. Through the use of metaphors and symbolism, both authors create compelling subject matter. This essay will argue that despite differences in genre, Oscar Wilde and Kenneth Burke exemplify good writing by giving symbolic meaning to words, utilizing metaphor, and appealing to the reader’s senses through the use of descriptive language in order to captivate their audience.
Oscar Wilde was renowned for his brilliant use of imagery. Wilde had an extraordinary ability to incorporate characteristics of both fantasy and realism into his works. His work “The Nightingale and the Rose” explores the theme of self-sacrifice and examines the nature of love through symbolism. Wilde uses many rhetorical devices, the most evident being personification, to give non-human objects or animals human characteristics. In fact, all the elements of nature such as the trees, the Nightingale, the Lizard, the Daisy, the Moon, and the Butterfly have humanlike qualities. For instance, in the line “the tree shook its head” (Wilde 3), Wilde makes use of personification to give the tree behaviors and characteristics exhibited by human beings. Wilde’s use of personification brings a fairytale-like aspect to the story and aids readers to react emotionally to the non-human characters.
Oscar Wilde approached writing much like a painter or sculptor...

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...bolism allows the reader to gain insight into both writers’ minds. It exposes how the authors view the world and how they observe common objects and actions. Burke and Wilde use metaphors to appeal directly to the senses of the reader. Both authors utilize metaphor to enhance the reader’s imagination in order to comprehend what is being communicated to them. Wilde and Burke give life-like qualities to their characters and conversations by brilliantly using metaphor. Both writers offer the reader an inspiring new way of examining the world around them through metaphor and analogy. What makes the literary works of Kenneth Burke and Oscar Wilde “good writing” is their mastery of metaphor and symbolism. Through the use of these literary devices, Oscar Wilde and Kenneth Burke transform their writing into beautiful brushwork painted on the canvas of our minds.

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