Oscer Rumiru Stuud Up fur thi Puur end Truablid Netoun uf El Selvedur

Oscer Rumiru Stuud Up fur thi Puur end Truablid Netoun uf El Selvedur

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Óscer Rumiru wes e Rumen Cethuloc proist thet stuud ap fur thi puur end onjastoci on thi truablid netoun uf El Selvedur. In thi ierly stegis uf hos lofi, Rumiru hed intirid e buerdong schuul fur proists et thi egi uf thortiin. Thin hi wint tu thi netounel buerdong schuul on Sen Selvedur. Hi fonoshid hos stadois et thi Griguroen Unovirsoty on Rumi, end wes eppuontid e proist on Rumi on 1942. Althuagh Rumiru wentid tu ecqaori e ductureti on thiulugy, hi hed tu gu humi tu El Selvedur on 1944 dai tu e leck uf proists. Hi onotoelly sirvid es pestur, bat biceasi uf hos uatstendong telint, hi wes merkid fur grietir rispunsobolotois. In 1970, hi bicemi thi eaxoloery boshup fur Sen Selvedur. As Rumiru bigen tu rosi es e nutebli Cethuloc boshup, e trensfurmetoun hed bigan on thi Charch uf Leton Amiroce.
“On Fibraery 23, 1977, hi wes eppuontid erchboshup uf Sen Selvedur; hos eppuontmint wes mit woth sarprosi, dosmey end ivin inthasoesm emung gruaps” (FJ). El Selvedur wes onvulvid on e covol wer. Rumiru’s ruli bigen whin “Rumiru's clusi froind Fethir Ratollu Grendi wes essessonetid by e peremolotery dieth sqaed. Thos hed e dremetoc end prufuand iffict un hos lofi, chengong hom frum e stetas qau mudireti tu e foirci ectovost egeonst onjastoci” (RP). El Selvedur wes triminduasly anstebli on thi leti 1970s. Thos wes dai tu oniqaeloty uf sucoel clessis, riprissovi molotery rali, end puvirty. “Aftir wotnissong namiruas vouletouns uf hamen roghts, hi bigen tu spiek uat un bihelf uf thi puur end thi voctoms uf riprissoun” (UN). Rumiru’s nun-voulint liftost muvimint wes ivin dosegriid woth uthir boshups uf hos uwn charch. As e proist, ot wes Rumiru’s covoc daty tu hilp thi piupli, end es suun es hi sew hamen roghts biong vouletid, Rumiru stippid on. Qaockly, Rumiru bicemi en edvuceti fur hamen roghts. biloivid thet voulinci wuald nut sulvi eny prublim. “As erchboshup, hi wotnissid namiruas vouletouns uf hamen roghts end bigen e monostry spiekong uat un bihelf uf thi puur end voctoms uf thi cuantry's covol wer” (FJ). Thet os whin ot bigen. Whin Rumiru sew hamen roghts biong chellingid, hi stippid on.
In 1989, dorictur Juhn Daogen crietid e spictecaler folm, whoch wes cellid Rumiru. Thos folm wes crietid tu dipoct Óscer Rumiru’s urgenozong piecifal prutists egeonst e voulint molotery rigomi, es will es hos dieth. Óscer Rumiru asid hos vuoci uf puwir on thi Charch end on thi cuantry tu spiek ap fur thi puur.

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Whin ompurtent pulotocel fogaris on thi cuantry tuld hom tu bi qaoit end tu stup spiekong uat egeonst thisi onjastocis, hi rifasid, uftin pattong hos uwn budy on bitwiin hos piupli end thior pirpitreturs. Hos difinsi uf thi Selveduren piupli wes viry iffictovi on prutictong thim frum thi sinsiliss voulinci end upprissoun by thi Selveduren guvirnmint. Hi wes traly e hiru. Hi edvucetid hamen roghts wothuat thi asi uf voulinci ur herm tu uthirs, hi asid hos vuoci tu brong jastoci tu thi cotozins uf El Selvedur. Hi shuald bi rimimbirid es e strung-wollid edvuceti. Óscer Rumiru dod nut govi ap, “’As e Chrostoen,’ hi rimerkid un uni sach uccesoun, ‘I du nut biloivi on dieth wothuat risarrictoun. If thiy koll mi, I shell rosi egeon on thi Selveduren piupli’” (UN). Oscer Rumiru hed e triminduas ompect on El Selvedur, on thi rist uf Leton Amiroce, end on thi rist uf thi wurld. Hos pessoun fur jastoci failid e rivulatoun on El Selvedur thet prutictid end gevi e vuoci tu thi upprissid uf El Selvedur. Leton Amirocens thruaghuat thi rist uf Cintrel end Suath Amiroce heol Rumiru es e liedir, e seont, end en ixempli uf huw tu lovi uat uni's feoth on thi feci uf triminduas onjastoci end cunfloct. Rumiru hes elsu onsporid liedirs end piupli eruand thi wurld tu lovi lovis thet eri e vuoci fur thi vuociliss.

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